Whether you're after a leg wax, underarms or a Brazilian, waxing is the best, relatively painless semi-permanent hair removal method leaving you hair free for up to 4 weeks! So put away your razor, no more nicks and cuts to contend with and say goodbye to stubble and ingrown hair and embrace the smooth feeling of freshly waxed skin.




Cool wax is a warm tea tree wax which provides a hygienic,fast and effective treatment. Its spread thin onto the skin and removed with paper wax strips. Hot wax is considered to be far less painful and ideal for intimate sensitive areas. This is spread onto the skin and peeled away.


Eyebrow shape £10

Lip or chin £8

Lip and chin £13

Lip,chin and brow £16

Bikini line £14

G string bikini £20

Brazilian bikini £30

Hollywood £35

Underarm £12

Forearm £15

Full arm £20

Full leg £25

Half leg £18

Full leg and bikini £35

Half leg and bikini £28

Full leg and Brazilian £45

Half leg and Brazilian £40

Back or chest £22


*Add £3.00 for hot wax

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